Franchelle's Weekly Oracle Reading


The Oracle of Aotearoa Speaks

“An endless renewal of growth and fertility
Embraced by the Goddess for all eternity.

For within her hand are the seeds of light
Ready to come forth when the time is right.

Beware of instant gratification or masks of beauty
Taking you headlong down paths of guile and trickery.

Tend with due care and look how nature creates
Never in a hurry, yet all is accomplished.”

– Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

Tides of Power

The tides of power bring the blessings, warmth and protection of the Mother energy, blessing and supporting all that is new and soon to emerge into the world. This is a powerful time for tuning in to the centre of your being and listening to your deeper instincts that call for change and renewal. Be particularly alert to messages from spirit and trust in the opportunities for growth that naturally occur this week.

This is a gentle and nurturing time to tune in and decide what is needed to bring an idea or plan to fruition. It will be wise to carefully protect and conceal that which is coming into being, as newly developing plans or ideas need to have a gestation period before they are ready to emerge into the light of day. The need for secrecy and silence may be necessary at this time until you are willing to reveal or give out more information.

The Journey of a Lifetime

The Libra New Moon on Friday 20th October signals a time of new beginnings and highlights the level of balance and harmony you bring to your relationships, the world around you and how you maintain this in your life. The Rite of the Twelve Celestial Regents© online program will open on the New Moon and the first group of students who have enrolled will begin their journey of a lifetime by stepping on the high road of 8th Ray Ritual Magic®. This online program is taught exclusively through the Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies® and you can be a part of this pioneering wave by enrolling this week before Friday.

8th Ray Magic

8th Ray Magic in the form of the Rite of the 12 Celestial Regents© is a system of ritual magic that enables you to be in communication with the gods and goddesses who are personifications of planetary powers that correspond to the planets in our solar system. This system of high ritual magic is essentially a system of spiritual or evolutionary magic in that its emphasis is on changing the fabric of the universe to ‘purpose good’.

Talisman Spell

This week’s oracle card carries the powerful symbol of Korowai – Feather Cloak and links you into the magical qualities of new growth and fertility. Work with this card as a magically potent talisman by carrying it with you, meditating on it or placing it on your desk or altar.

To help align yourself to these higher powers by aligning to the divine within, hold the oracle card in front of you and say the words of the enchantment. This can be enhanced with the powerful forces of nature by spraying the Medicine Woman No 1 Blessing Plant Spell 3 – 4 times under the tongue before you begin. As you speak the words you will be sending your Talisman Spell out upon your spirit breath, out into the universe.

Blessing Enchantment

An endless renewal of growth and fertility
Embraced by the Goddess for all eternity.

Within my hands are the seeds of light
Ready to come forth when the time is right.

oracle_card_with_booklet_openRemember the law of attraction, that like attracts like and your thoughts and intention are powerful tools that can be used to tap into the universal mind.

No 1 KOROWAI – Feather Cloak is this week’s card from The Fairy Oracle of the Patupaiarehe©The Ancient Oracle of Aotearoa

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  1. Elizabeth October 20, 2017 at 10:12 am

    Yet again your words so well timed and relevant for me. To “be wise and carefully conceal and protect that which is coming into being … ” is noted – but hard to contain the joy of things experienced over recent months. Last evening a feather floated out of the sky and landed before me. A blessing from Kereru. Thankyou.

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