The Oracle of Aotearoa Speaks

“Weave together the masculine and feminine
Enhance the capacity for love within.

Unite and bring balance whether close or far
Awaken the power of aroha.

A selfish mind brings loneliness and strife
See the act of giving as the gift of life.

If sacrifice is called don’t be afraid to release
For true love has at its very heart the quality of peace.”

– Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

Tides of Power

Tune in to the power of love and ride the tides of power with an open and generous heart this week. This week is the perfect chance to awaken or reawaken the power of love between yourself and another. Those close to you and people that you have close connection with will respond positively to the vibration of Aroha that you bring as it is the energy that binds and unites everything together. This week is an opportunity to heal discord and imbalance and to discover and understand a deeper truth within you that arises from a generous heart. The capacity for giving and receiving love are reciprocally intertwined and the giver, the giving and the given are all one.

“Generosity is the most natural outward expression of an inner attitude of compassion and loving-kindness.”
Dalai Lama

There is powerful magic at work this week and the simplest way to tap into it is through simple acts of generosity. Generosity does not need to be a grandiose display and you will find that small acts of generosity and gratitude this week will have a significant impact. You may find that an unexpected gift may appear – one that requires a gift in exchange. By returning a gift for a gift, the exchange is harmonious and balance is maintained.

Finding Balance

The Full Moon in Gemini on Monday 4th December is a Supermoon. The contrast between what is happening closely for you in the moment and what is happening in a broader sense will be brought under the spotlight. This Full Moon gives you the opportunity to find balance in this area of your life and discover how best to direct your mind toward truth. The planet Mercury which rules the zodiacal sign of Gemini turns retrograde at this time creating a powerful opportunity for growth especially in the realm of communication. Old habits of confusion and misunderstanding can surface so the challenge is to be vigilant and be alert to what you are thinking and communicating.

Talisman Spell

This week’s oracle card carries the powerful symbol of Rauiri – Single Twist and links you into the power of love. Work with this card as a magically potent talisman by carrying it with you, meditating on it or placing it on your desk or altar.

To help align yourself to these higher powers by aligning to the divine within, hold the oracle card in front of you and say the words of the enchantment. This can be enhanced with the powerful forces of nature by spraying the Medicine Woman No 15 Love Plant Spell 3 – 4 times under the tongue before you begin. As you speak the words you will be sending your Talisman Spell out upon your spirit breath, out into the universe.

Love Enchantment

Weave together the masculine and feminine
Enhance the capacity for love within.

Unite and bring balance whether close or far
Awaken the power of aroha.

oracle_card_with_booklet_openRemember the law of attraction, that like attracts like and your thoughts and intention are powerful tools that can be used to tap into the universal mind.

No 15 RAUIRI – Single Twist is this week’s card from The Fairy Oracle of the Patupaiarehe©The Ancient Oracle of Aotearoa

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