Franchelle's Weekly Oracle Reading


The Oracle of Aotearoa Speaks

“Divine inspiration transformed into magical words spoken
Passed down through the generations by a line unbroken.

Accessing truth from the deep well of wisdom
Revealed through omens, signs and vision.

Hidden agendas bring strife and confusion
Use clarity of sight or be trapped by delusion.

Trust your own wisdom and the power to convey
The truths that you have and you’ll discover the way.”

– Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

Tides of Power

The tides of power bring truth, wisdom and inspiration. This week is a powerful opportunity to receive guidance with the plans you are working on and insight into the answers you are seeking. Stay open and receptive to signs and symbols as they appear before you, as these will hold the clues that unravel answers and greater understanding.


The ancients recognised wisdom as a divine breath that breathed life into form. The word inspiration comes from the Latin inspirare to ‘breathe or blow into’ and they understood that one’s own breath was closely connected with the mind and the ability to receive and communicate this wisdom. There is much wisdom to be gained from maintaining a rhythmic breath and a peaceful and clear mind that is open to communication and receiving messages from divine sources.

A particular message will have special significance for you this week. Look carefully at it, as it will help you gain insight into how you can live your life more wisely. This is an ideal time to see how different aspects of your life are interrelated and how you can release yourself from stressful situations or burdens that are preventing you from accessing your true self. Certain restrictions and limitations that were in place may previously have felt safe but will now start to feel constraining and unhelpful.

Progressive thinking

Mercury, the planet of mind and communication moves into the zodiacal sign of Aquarius on Wednesday 31st January. Progressive thinking as well as the ability to think outside the box and be open to new and original ideas are influential at this time. This is ideal for creative products or if you are working on solutions to a problem. Maintaining objectivity and a steadiness of mind will help channel your ideas into productive outcomes this week and throughout February.

The dramatic Leo energy is certainly making a grand entrance for February; a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo occurs on Thursday 1st February. This Full Moon is a ‘super moon’ and also a ‘blue moon’ as it is the second Full Moon of this month. This Leo Full Moon will urge you to look at what changes in your life are needed to bring greater balance in your personal world and how you express and find fulfilment in life.

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