Franchelle's Weekly Oracle Reading


The Oracle of Aotearoa Speaks

“Energy and motion through the principle of partnership
Side by side, achievement coupled with the art of fellowship.

Working cooperatively together with loyalty and trust
Moving forward as a team with the flexibility to adjust.

Separation and betrayal causes the movement to halt
Bring generosity of heart, find goodness not fault.

With a common goal and the settling of differences
Progress comes forth with the sharing of experiences.”

– Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

Tides of Power

Movement and opportunities for progress continue to feature strongly on the tides of power this week. Tap into the energies of friendship, loyalty and trust and things will really start to move forward in your world. You may need to shift gears a little if you feel stuck or you have been out of sync, understanding that there is only so much that you can do by yourself. There is positive momentum on the tides of power and what you are trying to achieve will come though partnership and joint effort.

There is much value to be found through teamwork and a newly found friendship or strengthened relationship may bring the promise of future potential this week. Some adjustments may be necessary so respect any differences and see how these can be worked with to benefit the bigger picture and your work together. Co-operation will ensure the cogs continue moving and progress will follow.

Pisces New Moon

The New Moon in Pisces on Sunday 18th March brings a new cycle of energy. It is a perfect time to quietly go within and listen to your intuition and inner promptings. The harmonious trine aspect to the planet Jupiter will help you envisage big and inspire the first steps towards creating an important change in your life.

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