The Oracle of Aotearoa Speaks

“Strengthen the link to your ancestors
And connect to your origins be they blood or spiritual waters.

You are a steward of your spiritual heritage,
Here on this earthly stage.

Old conditioning and karmic patterns can cover your light,
Do what you know to be good, in order to set things right.

Inherited gifts, respected and conserved,
Bring forth prosperity and treasures to those well deserved.”

– Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

Tides of Power

The tides of power open up powerful ancestral lines this week. This may be felt as an ancient calling stirring deep within and a call to return to your ‘homeland’, whether this is on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. The deep roots of the past influence the present and the ancestors communicating in different ways have much wisdom to share. The knowledge and power they bring will impart a sense of connectedness and provide guidance for the future.

Tune into this wisdom by acknowledging the spiritual gifts that have been bequeathed to you. The wise use of your natural talents and inherited gifts honours and connects you to those who have gone before and who are still there to help and guide you with their wisdom.

Fairy Oracle card Tekoteko speaks of the deeper family and tribe connections that you have – your soul or spiritual family and it is these ties that give the greatest sustenance to your work. Consider where your true loyalties lie and where your destiny is leading you. You may be called upon to depart from old ways or free yourself from old traditional modes of thinking in order to progress and move forward in accordance with your destiny.

Initiating Change

The Sun moves into the zodiacal sign of Aries on Wednesday 21st March. This is the Autumn equinox for the Southern Hemisphere (Spring for Northern Hemisphere) and is an important time of change and renewal both physically and metaphysically. Consider what can be left behind and handed over to the past in order for the new to commence. This is a powerful time for the energies of resurrection, rebirth and renewal to enter freshly into your life and clear any unnecessary baggage you are carrying. It is not necessary to be hasty and simply act on impulse – the planet Mercury which begins its retrograde period on Friday 23rd March will remind you to slow down and think carefully before you act. Deliberate action aimed at tackling the essentials will bring the best long term results.

Talisman Spell

This week’s oracle card carries the powerful symbol of Tekoteko – Ancestor and links you into ancestral power and inherited gifts. Work with this card as a magically potent talisman by carrying it with you, meditating on it or placing it on your desk or altar.

To help align yourself to these higher powers by aligning to the divine within, hold the oracle card in front of you and say the words of the enchantment. This can be enhanced with the powerful forces of nature by spraying the Medicine Woman No 12 Inheritance Plant Spell 3 – 4 times under the tongue before you begin. As you speak the words you will be sending your Talisman Spell out upon your spirit breath, out into the universe.

Inheritance Enchantment

I strengthen the link to my ancestors
And connect to my origins be they blood or spiritual waters.

I am a steward of my spiritual heritage,
Here on this earthly stage.

oracle_card_with_booklet_openRemember the law of attraction, that like attracts like and your thoughts and intention are powerful tools that can be used to tap into the universal mind.

No 12 TEKOTEKO – Ancestor is this week’s card from The Fairy Oracle of the Patupaiarehe©The Ancient Oracle of Aotearoa

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