Franchelle's Weekly Oracle Reading

Celestial Oracle 30 March – 5 April ~ THE WILL TO GOOD

The forthright, powerful and warrior aspect of the mother energy has come to the fore. It is the will to good and the power of justice at all levels. It is the power behind the warrior of peace who ‘fights the good fight’ and is determined to make positive and lasting change in the world as a whole. As the dynamic forces of light begin to reveal and bring increasingly greater degrees of clarity and purpose, you can discover and reinforce within your own self how you can play an active role in the unfolding weeks ahead.

Celestial Oracle: 23 – 29 March ~ THE ETERNAL FLAME OF THE GODDESS

The spiritual element of fire moves swiftly and with great strength this week bringing rapidly transforming and enlivening energies which inspire courage and determination in the hearts and minds who seek to make a change. Be sure to connect with those who spark your inner fire as this energy is also an opportunity to celebrate and strengthen the life-giving heart-based connections you have with all life.

Celestial Oracle: 16 – 22 March ~ SELF-TRANSFORMATION AND RENEWAL

An important turning point is emerging, one that has the potential to usher in a new cycle of change. A clearing of old structures is taking place and with it an end to old modes of thinking and relating. From a spiritual perspective this is a time to readjust and tune in to the new pattern that is emerging.


There are many things in the outside world that enchant and beguile the senses. One’s decisions can be pushed and pulled by the ebb and flow of emotions or the endless distraction of thoughts.  While the eyes can see the multitude of things in the world, the many beings and creatures that inhabit the earth and the infinitude of twinkling stars in the night sky, they cannot see beyond the horizon.


We are in danger of forgetting what true wealth is. The nobility of the human monadic self is priceless and it is timeless. It existed before time began and it will survive long after time as we know it ends. True will, power and love is linked to our monadic self; that aspect of us that is a spark of the infinite oneness. This is the part of us that comes from the stars and will return to the stars.

Celestial Oracle: 17 – 23 February ~ THE GIFT OF COMMUNICATION

The gift of communication is one we can so easily take for granted. This week we are reminded to play our part in creating universal harmony and think before we speak. Our words are powerful things. What are we creating or spinning? Are we using and abusing the great gift of communication we have been given by speaking unkindly, thoughtlessly, maliciously or in an ill or uninformed fashion?

Celestial Oracle: 10 – 16 February 2020 ~ RELATIONSHIP IS THE GREAT WORD OF POWER

If we are to truly operate as universal citizens, we must come into energetic alignment with the universal principle of love. Love reminds us of the universal all-pervading power of relationship and relatedness. Let love be a daily ritual, let love be an all-pervading mantra. Relationship is the great magical word of power and as such it is the binding force of the universe.

Celestial Oracle: 3 – 9 February 2020 ~ EMBRACING THE NEW

This is such an exciting time in the world’s history – it is a time where we are all invited to take on the mantle of responsibility associated with being a universal citizen which means to have gnosis of and uphold the universal message of inclusivity, harmony and co-operation. As we step into this divine birthright we come to increasingly realise there is no other way to fulfil our divine potential and destiny.

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