The Oracle of Aotearoa Speaks

“A clear, still consciousness perceives a ripple across its surface
Divine guidance comes, aligning self to higher purpose.

Open yourself to divine participation
Acting as one in the grand pattern of creation.

False perception of self brings discord with your kin
Be clear with yourself, is there delusion within?

Recognise your place in a world of wonders
Working as part of a whole, extending goodwill to others.”

– Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

Weekly Oracle

Divine patterns at work

The energies on the tides of power this week are heightened with divine patterns and structures now actively and dynamically working your life. This energy will intensify reaching a peak at the end of the week. This is an invitation to step more deeply into your divine nature and consciously take part in these divine patterns that are at work in your life.

It is a powerful opportunity to shift out of personality driven desires and wants and be aware that you are working as part of a much greater whole.  In this way your own skills, natural talents and abilities can be used for a higher purpose and the inner fulfilment this brings will have a positive and lasting effect on the people in your life and the world around you.

Divine Guidance

Divine powers are at work this week seeding in potential and the pieces of the next unfolding pattern in your life. Be open and receptive to the guidance that will appear enabling you to play your part fully in this process of intelligent co-creation. See beyond any self-imposed barriers that you have in your own mind that are preventing you from connecting to this power and going more deeply into your authentic divine self. This may be as simple as recognising unwanted thoughts that are rummaging around your head telling you that you are ‘inadequate’ or ‘not up to the task at hand’ or the little fears that hold you back and choosing not to be swayed by them.

Use your natural intelligence and skills to good effect this week as you tune into divine guidance. Progress will come from working as part of a greater whole through the dynamic power of cooperation and co-creation.

Whakapakoko Rakau – God Stick

This week’s oracle card from The Fairy Oracle of the Patupaiarehe© carries the powerful symbol of Whakapakoko Rakau – God Stick and links you into divine assistance and guidance. Work with this card as a magically potent talisman by carrying it with you, meditating on it or placing it on your desk or altar.

Align with the Energies of this Week’s Oracle 


“A clear, still consciousness perceives a ripple across its surface
Divine guidance comes, aligning self to higher purpose.
I open myself to divine participation
Acting as one in the grand pattern of creation.”

Send the Wellbeing Enchantment out upon your spirit breath, out into the universe, by spraying the Medicine Woman No 4 Divine Assistance Plant Spell 3 – 4 times under your tongue, then speak the words of enchantment. Made with New Zealand native flower essences this plant spell supports you to feel good about yourself, bring self-assurance, certainty, self-belief and address weakness and self-doubt.

Written in the Stars

Venus, Planet of Love

Venus, the planet of love, beauty and relationship enters the zodiacal sign of Taurus on Wednesday 15th May. Venus joins the Sun and the planet Mercury which are currently moving through this earthy, resourceful zodiacal sign. Venus expresses in Taurus in a naturally sensual and content manner. It helps you get back in touch with your physical body, your senses and connect with nature and the beauty of the Earth. Use the energies to realise and get in touch with what has long-lasting quality and value in your life.

Powerful Scorpio Full Moon

The Full Moon in Scorpio on Sunday 19th May will highlight a deeper connection that you have with yourself and it is a most powerful time for releasing, regenerating, and transforming aspects of your consciousness and life. Venus conjunct Uranus will bring the unexpected into play, stimulating the urge for change and new experience. The zodiacal sign of Scorpio rules over death, rebirth, and transformation and this powerful Full Moon invites you look at what needs to be shed, and what blocks you from connecting with your powerful inner self. The death and release of the lower personality desires enables you to be more open and receptive to higher guidance that comes from divine sources.

This Full Moon is celebrated in spiritual communities around the world as Wesak, a time when the forces of enlightenment and spiritual energies rain down upon the planet and humanity. The Festival of Wesak is the second of the three major spiritual Festivals and is also known as the Festival of the Buddha. As such it is recognised as a time of great blessing for each person on their journey to seeing and understanding the true nature of reality.

Join me this week in carrying out the Eighth Ray Isis-Urania Chalice Ritual© on Wednesday 15th May and on the Full Moon Sunday 19th May.

Working with the Goddess Isis-Urania is a powerful way to restore the connection to your rich inner self – the deepest most powerful aspect that is the primal feminine. The Eighth Ray Isis-Urania Chalice Ritual© is perfect to use during this week’s tides of power to help restore the power of the divine feminine in the world.

Magically Ride This Week’s Astrological Tide of Power

Recommended Eighth Ray ritual
Eighth Ray Isis-Urania Chalice Ritual©

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