The Oracle of Aotearoa Speaks

“Use the fire of will to banish distress
Where resistance is found see an empowering process.

The essential and required is where strength is due
Greater effort and patience is yours to get through.

Escape and seek comfort and you’ll miss an essential feature
Sometimes pain and limitation is the greatest teacher

Exercise constraint and do what is to be done
Weaving true strength as life’s lessons are spun.”

– Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

Weekly Oracle

A Balancing Act Required

This week calls for persistence and effort in order to make progress with what you are working on. It is a balancing act where you are actively holding what you want to achieve and accomplish, while staying focusing on your practical needs and doing what is required in the present moment. Restrictions and difficulties may start to arise in varying degrees with the energies of Ahi entering on the tides of power. Focus your attention on matters where added determination is needed and examine what you really need at this time. Exercise a steady and balanced state of mind to overcome any obstacles or challenges that you meet on your path.

Harnessing the Inner Fire

With constraint comes the opportunity and power to harness your will power and ‘inner fire’ bringing possibilities for personal development and increased inner strength. By containing the inner fire and not letting it dissipate with reactionary behaviours or attitudes restrictions can be met with good grace and bring positive outcomes.  You may have to acknowledge your dissatisfaction with the way things currently are but it is important to understand that there are other factors at work that you not yet aware of. Use this as motivation for change and to push through while focusing on the essentials.

Piwakawaka – the Tiny Bird With Boundless Energy

Piwakawaka, the native fantail isone of the smallest birdsin New Zealand and plays an important role in Maori myth. Maui in his search for fire was outraged with the swiftly darting bird when Piwakawaka kept the secrets of fire hidden and refused to tell him where the fire goddess lay. So Maui squeezed the bird so hard its eyes bulged and nearly popped out and it’s tail flared out in a fan.

Piwakawaka is so small yet is full of boundless energy. Piwakawaka hovers and flickers about in the bush and traditional lore tells us that this tiny bird gives motivation and strength to push through boundaries and teaches us how to harness our own inner strength and energy.

Ahi – Fire

This week’s oracle card from The Fairy Oracle of the Patupaiarehe© carries the powerful symbol of Ahi – Fire and links you into inner strength and persistence. Work with this card as a magically potent talisman by carrying it with you, meditating on it or placing it on your desk or altar.

Align with the Energies of this Week’s Oracle 


“Filled with wellbeing, strength and vitality
I tap into my resourcefulness and innate ability.
From the first action in the life or in the land
Comes the cultivation of food and all that arrives in the hand.”

Send the Wellbeing Enchantment out upon your spirit breath, out into the universe, by spraying the Medicine Woman No 23 Wellbeing Plant Spell 3 – 4 times under your tongue, then speak the words of enchantment. Made with New Zealand native flower essences this plant spell helps turn a friction producing or frustrating situation into a positive one, skillfully turning it to your advantage.

Written in the Stars

Gemini energies

On Tuesday 21st May, a shift into the airy zodiacal sign of Gemini for both the Sun and the planet Mercury brings a change of pace. Communication and intellectual stimulation moves to the forefront of the mind and there is more of an urge for social interaction. Curiosity can get the better of you with the influence of Gemini which is great for exploring different option yet the energy can become quite scattered if not held in check. Focus your attention on your most important tasks to order to avoid getting easily distracted.

Mercury – in its Element

The planet Mercury is right at home in Gemini as in astrology it is known as the ‘ruling’ planet of Gemini. Mercury is in its element and it is a very favourable time to move, travel, think, network communicate, read and write. The mind can become very active and when harnessed and focused effectively you can make rapid progress with what you are working at this time.

Magically Ride This Week’s Astrological Tide of Power

Recommended Eighth Ray ritual
Eighth Ray Flower of Venus Ritual©

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