The Oracle of Aotearoa Speaks

“Through the unseen mysteries and night’s division
Comes prophetic wisdom and clairvoyant vision.

Upon the sacred waters are visions of worlds beyond
See the ebb and flow of life and wisely respond.

Keep fear of change at bay and banish discontent
Let not the emotions cloud your wiser judgment.

Of dreams and vision and of mystery and night
See the way forward with the power of second sight.”

– Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

Weekly Oracle

Intuition, imagination, dreams and vision are keywords that describe the shifting tides of power this week. Subtle psychic energies have entered the scene bringing increased sensitivity and an invitation to open up to heightened levels of perception. Tune in and make use of your intuitive and psychic faculties to sense the subtle energetic changes and moving currents in the metaphysical world.

This week, like the camouflaged image accompanying this week’s oracle card, has more to it than is revealed at first glance. There is a new journey unfolding at a deeper level for you and as you take these early steps pay attention to what your dreams and subtle promptings from within are telling you. By looking at the messages objectively you will be able to respond and take advantage of what is being communicated to you.

Inner knowing

The sea of energies that surrounds you may be challenging to move through this week and the influence of the collective consciousness felt more strongly. Be aware of the temptation to just take a superficial view of situations or take a leisurely stroll down ‘easy street’. Remember to look deeper and not be pulled off course by surface appearances or by the emotive reactions or personality based opinions of others. When confronted with this type of pressure or the unexpected or unknown, see this as a valuable opportunity to hone your connection to your own inner knowing.

Written in the Stars

Aquarian change

The innovative and future-oriented energies of the zodiacal sign Aquarius make themselves felt this week. Early in the week the Sun moves into Aquarius on Tuesday 21st January. The shift at this time may bring a feeling of restlessness as this new energy seeks expression. Eyes and thoughts will naturally tend to look towards the future while at the same time having a realistic awareness of what restrictions and inhibitions need to be overcome to be more authentic and true to yourself.

Invite this refreshing change into your life and aim to be ready for a fresh and optimistic new start at the Aquarius New Moon on Saturday 25th January. New technology, modernisation and upgrades are all part of the potential for radical change and possibilities at this time. Saturn and Pluto are still closely tied together in Capricorn with the urge to dismantle the old and bring new structures into being. This New Moon may hold the right timing and be just what you need to set you on a positive pathway forward.

Magically Ride This Week’s Astrological Tide of Power

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