The Oracle of Aotearoa Speaks

“An awakening dawn brings a light that shimmers like gold
As new life and fresh new beginnings begin to unfold

Embracing new transformations that are about to begin
From the balance of male and female energies within.

A blindness to truth draws darkness and uncertainty
Return to the beginning to find balance and surety

The ever coiling spiral of the renewal of life living
Open to the infinite possibilities of life always giving.”

– Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

Weekly Oracle

A dynamic shift accompanies the tides of power this week bringing a fresh influx of creative energy, new life, new ideas and new ways to do things. It is a powerful time to weave vision with action in order to set the wheels in motion for growth and positive transformation. Keep an open mind as this will allow you to create the space both internally and externally for inspiration and new thought to arise. This will enable you to tap into your own invigorating creative energies that can give the added edge to your projects and plans envisioned ahead.

Feminine/masculine energies

Establishing inner balance with the feminine and masculine energies within you is also at the forefront this week. It is a change to re-connect with the inner harmony and rhythm that nurtures your wellbeing and the relationships with those around you. If there are blockages to this occurring you may find that simple pragmatic solutions such clearing the decks of old chores or undertaking a spring clean of your environment will bring greater flow and balance into play.

This week is an opportunity for refreshing energy to enter your life and revivify what you are working on and what you seek to achieve.

Written in the Stars

Riding the tide of power from the recent Aquarian New Moon, a wave of vitality and dynamic energy emerges this week. You may feel sudden impulses to do something that ‘feels right’ and this energy is best directed into creative activity and relationships.

Venus square Mars

This week starts off on Monday 27th January with Venus the planet of relationship and harmony squaring Mars the planet of action and motivation. Venus residing in the sign of Pisces is imaginative, compassionate and full of intuition while Mars in Sagittarius is adventurous and expansive and looking for action. The challenge is to direct the energy positively as there is likely to be more heat in your emotional relationships this week. Shared experiences will benefit from the dynamic vitality these two planets bring.

Venus joins Neptune on Tuesday 28th January inviting inspiration and greater compassion in your relationships. With the planet Uranus also making its impact felt, dynamic energies are further amplified, stimulating the urge to break out and make change where it is needed. Engage in activities that uplift you and make a difference to your immediate surroundings, being mindful to avoid harmful habits as they too will have this strong fuel powering them.

Eighth Ray Ritual for Lammas 2nd February 2020

On February 2nd 2020, we celebrate the first of eight very special annual celestial events. These celestial events have been recognised and celebrated for eons as being pivotal times where the influx of light entering the planet has the potential to shape and change the course of our lives and positively influence our spiritual and psychological development.

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