The Oracle of Aotearoa Speaks

Live from a place of sheer delight
With rising energies and quickening light.

Time to step out and leave behind doubt
Flow with the energy, that’s what life’s about.

Though struggle may rise, do not fall to despair
Practice objectivity, resilience and emotional self-care

With sights set ahead, put things in motion
And honour the power of human emotion.”

– Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

Weekly Oracle

The tides of power indicate a time of opportunity as well as growth. New energy is being set in motion with powerful change set to happen. On a personal level this will enable you to push out and move forward with renewed purpose and determination. Keep your waters still; your emotions calm and clear as you tune into the subtle guiding signals that will be felt through the senses. The winds of change will begin to blow and this can ruffle some feathers so be mindful of your own inner balance and use the power of your emotions wisely. This is an important part of taking care of and attending to your emotional realm.

Break out of old forms

This beginning week of 2020 is a time of rising energies and change that provides the impulse to move out of any repetitive patterns in consciousness that have become outworn or old. It is a chance for renewed purpose and objectivity as old forms give way to the new and you let go of emotional baggage in order to bring your new thoughts and ideas out into reality.

Written in the Stars

Wave of powerful change

There are a highly charged series of events and a wave of powerful change occurring in the cosmic skies this week.

The Full Moon in Cancer on Saturday 11th January is particularly potent as it is a Lunar Eclipse signalling very clear, upcoming change. At the Full Moon when the Sun and Moon are in opposition, the energies of the Capricorn Sun and the Cancer Moon will highlight in consciousness the need for balance in your life between your personal, home and family life and the sense of duty you have in your career, professional life and ‘out there in the world’.  The emotions are heightened and this can create emotionally charged situations in your relationships and within yourself.  This brings a push to make the necessary change in your life in order to let go of the past and take heed of what has now come into the light so that you can move forward.

Saturn Pluto Conjunction

The planet Uranus stations direct on Saturday 11th January signally change and unpredictability. This will invite the impulse for change which has the potential to come suddenly after the long build-up of energy during the Uranus retrograde period from August 2019. This forward momentum sets the way for the major Saturn Pluto conjunction on Monday 13th January. When the planets Pluto and Saturn come together it means serious business and change happening on a bigger scale. With the planet Mercury also conjunct, information will play a key part in this change along with the need for sound judgement and disciplined use of the mind.  On a personal level, staying practical, taking care of yourself physically, emotionally and mentally and fulfilling your responsibilities will support you during the changes occurring in your life and on a global scale.

Magically Ride This Week’s Astrological Tide of Power

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