Weekly Celestial Oracle 3 – 9 February 2020 – Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

Celestial Oracle

“The energies shift opening new potential and renewal
Beneath what is broken lies a glimmering jewel.

Accept what is now despite upheaval and discord
Knowing balance and calm will soon be restored.

Destruction may come bringing pain and sorrow
Yet no storm lasts forever, there is soon a new tomorrow.

Limiting patterns broken through and dispelled
Life force renewed as a new pattern is held.”

This is such an exciting time in the world’s history – it is a time where we are all invited to take on the mantle of responsibility associated with being a universal citizen which means to have gnosis of and uphold the universal message of inclusivity, harmony and cooperation. As we step into this divine birthright we come to increasingly realise there is no other way to fulfil our divine potential and destiny.

We all have gifts to bring to the world. As an esoteric astrologer with over 45 years experience I have always loved the wisdom of the stars. As a child of the cosmos the planets are powerful archetypal universal symbols that speak to us in a universal language. This week I am using a unique combination of my gifts and skills and I am also working with my deck of Celestial Compendium deck of cards. I hope you enjoy this week’s Oracle as the power of ancient oracular symbols and the celestial bodies talk to you.

Time to Clear Out the Old to Allow in the New
This week the cosmic highlights include the planets Uranus, Saturn, Mars and Pluto in a powerful and dynamic relationship. With the 1st, 4th 10th, 9th and 3rd houses or mansions of life involved this is most certainly a time to clear out the old to allow in new lifegiving energy.

Uranus and Saturn indicate challenges are occurring and there are major shifts of energies happening in the infinite skies. Celebrate this invigorating energy and remember endings and new beginnings are always a timely reminder not to become too complacent or too attached to the false ego’s need to be right and to draw others into its web. The tides of power indicate events this week have the potential to bring necessary and unavoidable change that can happen suddenly and without warning. While this change can appear to be chaotic or destructive and bring on a sudden and dramatic turn of events, it is highly potent, creative energy that can enable long-term positive change to unfold.

Choosing to embrace challenges as they emerge in your world and environment around you will bring meaningful positive change in the long run.
This is a week of discovering opportunities for renewal, growth and greater learning and for taking everything to a whole new improved and more pristine level.

Pluto and Mars are highlighted in the 1st and 10th house making this week an invitation to work with the positive forces of cooperation over competition. The old truism states, ‘Many hands make light work’ and there is real treasure to be gleaned by adopting a cooperative stance in the situation you are in. Going head to head battling with your own personal will or ego to try and change what is happening will only lead to unnecessary pain. Look for the ‘gold’ in the ‘dross’ and you will see that within the difficulties there is much that is of value if you have the courage to seize the moment. Dig a little deeper to find the very real opportunities that lie beneath the surface.