Weekly Celestial Oracle 2 – 8 March 2020 – Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

Celestial Oracle

Strengthen the link to your origins,
And connect to the stream of the ancestors.

You are a steward of your spiritual heritage,
Here on this earthly stage

Old conditioning and karmic patterns can cover your light,
Do what you know to be good, in order to set things right.

Inherited gifts, respected and conserved,
Bring forth prosperity and treasures to those well deserved.”

Your World – Personality

Aligning With the Tides of Power

Love Faileth Never

The planet Venus calls you to stay in dynamic loving relationship with yourself and to focus on the beauty in your everyday life.  The drive to love and be loved calls you to seek the experience of sacred union with yourself and with life.When you are in union with yourself and with life you are in sacred relationship with the power of life force itself. From this place of heart felt connectedness the influence of the 11th house or mansion of life is an invitation to connect with friends, groups and like minded others and put in place support networks from a standing place of love versus fear and hatred. When you love yourself in the purest sense of the word you are in true alignment with the universe and in complete and utter harmony with all that exists. With the influence of Taurus this is a week to take pleasure in the simple things of life, to be really present and to treasure each precious moment of your earth plane journey.

The World – Soul

Understanding the Bigger Picture

The Fire of Unity

Mars the planet of heat, fire and action is adversely challenged this week in the zodiacal sign of Aries in the world chart (humanities chart). Reactiveness, rashness and precipitant action is likely to be evident as the Martian principle of conflict, self-will and aggression rises to the surface in mass consciousness. As a world community we are faced with the invitation to move beyond a ‘I’ focus and a ‘me first’ mentality to look at dynamic enterprising ways that enable us to meet fully the new situations we are collectively finding ourselves in. The 4th house is the focus of this energy reminding that planet earth is our home and we must act together as a world family in times of crisis instead of adopting an ‘as long as I’m all right’ approach.

The Greater Universe – Spirit

Playing Your Part

The Nobility and Magnificence of the Monadic Self

We are in danger of forgetting what true wealth is. The nobility of the human monadic self is priceless and it is timeless. It existed before time began and it will survive long after time as we know it ends. True will, power and love is linked to our monadic self; that aspect of us that is a spark of the infinite oneness. This is the part of us that comes from the stars and will return to the stars. Experiencing our own divinity comes from accessing this place of monadic magnificence and nobility and we are each tasked with the wise custodianship of this priceless spark of oneness that resides deep within. To find it we must delve deeper than our surface personality self with its endless worries and woes, deeper than our soul self with its evolutionary challenges and lessons, deeper even than our spiritual self which operates within the apparent transient limitations or identifications of race, creed, culture, location or gender. Beyond that is our monadic self, a jewel in the crown of the cosmos, our true inheritance and wealth.

Eighth Ray Ritual for This Week’s Celestial Oracle

The Eighth Ray Flower of Venus ritual is perfect to use daily with your focus on ‘Your World’ or ‘The World’ from this week’s Celestial Oracle. Use the following Porta Alchémica® alchemical formulations: