Weekly Celestial Oracle 20 – 26 April 2020 – Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

Celestial Oracle

“The energies shift opening new potential and renewal
Beneath what is broken lies a glimmering jewel.

Accept what is now despite upheaval and discord
Knowing balance and calm will soon be restored.

Destruction may come bringing pain and sorrow
Yet no storm lasts forever, there is soon a new tomorrow.

Limiting patterns broken through and dispelled
Life force renewed as a new pattern is held.”

Your World – Personality

Aligning With the Tides of Power

Self Discipline

Saturn in the seventh house or mansion of life this week indicates personal challenges in your close relationships with others. The seventh house is the area of life that focuses on marriage, companions, clients and business partners and an important lesson in sharing and working responsibly with others is being indicated. One’s own relationship with self can play out negatively in relationships, projecting one’s own faults onto others or disappointment when personal needs are not being met when others do not live up to your expectations.  Self discipline will go a long way and the active energies of the zodiacal sign Aries will help you not rest on your laurels and do something productive and proactive about it this week. Saturn is the key to creating greater order in the life and it is a matter of recognising relationships too take work and attention.

Working Magically to ‘Purpose Good’ in Your World

You can work magically to bring the celestial powers of SaturnAries and 7th Mansion of Life into your world by conducting the Eighth Ray Flower of Venus Ritual daily or whenever you wish.
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The World – Soul

Understanding the Bigger Picture

Change in comfort level

The Moon is making its changeable nature felt in the world chart (humanities chart). Situated in the fifth house, there are changeable circumstances occurring in the world that are affecting how people experience pleasure and play and how we delve into our interests. Many are unable to satisfy their emotional needs through their usual habitual patterns and modes of expression and coupled with the influence of the zodiacal sign of Taurus, the sign that enjoys material comfort and the good things in life, there is potential for difficulties arising.  Humanities wise use of material resources and money is becoming increasingly felt with many learning to take a more conservative approach. The preserving and steady qualities of Taurus will prove useful at this time as the human family learns to move through this phase and work towards greater harmony and balance.

Working Magically to ‘Purpose Good’ in the World

You can work magically to bring the celestial powers of MoonTaurus and 5th Mansion of Life into the world by conducting the Eighth Ray Flower of Venus Ritual daily or whenever you wish. 
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The Greater Universe – Spirit

Playing Your Part

Sudden change brings renewal

A wake up call

At certain times events can change suddenly and dramatically without warning and this is one such week. Challenges are occurring that were previously brewing on the periphery but are now coming to the fore with major shifts of energies happening in the cosmic skies. Disruption and unexpected events often appear unwanted and outside of our ability to control. ‘Doom and gloom’ can be an easy scenario to fall into at a personality level with a ‘poor me’ scenario or at a soul level by feeling the challenge of being pushed far out of one’s comfort zone and resisting the opportunity for growth. However, this potent energy is enabling long term positive change to occur so by choosing to embrace the challenges as they translate into your own life you will discover powerful opportunities for renewal, growth and higher learning.

This week is a strong and timely reminder not to become too complacent. It can be seen as a ‘wake up’ call and break out of old recurrent patterns in your life that need addressing. A bigger picture is emerging for the greater good and many may start to experience the effects of this through radical change and some unalterable surprises. This is an opportunity for each of us to remove unwanted influences from our lives so that renewal and fertility can arise.

By choosing not to shy away from challenges you can be strengthened and learn valuable lessons – the storm will eventually pass and balance and a new sense of calm will be restored.

Working Magically to ‘Purpose Good’ in the Greater Universe

You can work magically to create and hold the perfectly poised space, union and relationship between the opposing forces by conducting the Eighth Ray Isis-Urania Ritual. By conducting this Eighth Ray ritual daily or as often you as feel called you are magically working to affirm, deepen and strengthen your relationship with the magical self and to tap into the well of creation, the well of all possibility and infinite potentiality.
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