Weekly Celestial Oracle 25 – 31 May 2020 – Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

Celestial Oracle

“With freedom of spirit your heart is content
Remain in harmony with the flow of events.

Sing your soul song and give out what you wish for
Share fulfillment with others and let yourself soar.

With sight fixed on strife you will seek to condemn
Look for solutions don’t dwell on the problem.

Fellowship with others is where harmony is found
And the abundance of gifts from the universe abound.”

Your World – Personality

Aligning With the Tides of Power

Joy From the Unfolding of Your Greater Potential

Jupiter in the 11th mansion brings the potential for increased hope and optimism yet the illusion of deserving an overly comfortable life, one that does not require doing much at all may intrude on your personal world this week. Don’t fall into the trap of expecting things to work out by themselves without any personal effort. If you adopt a casual approach and expect life to bring you all you need then it becomes difficult to make things happen through the power of your own will when the going gets tough.

The 11th house reminds you that you are more than what you think you are.  Utilize any difficulties faced in your personal world, and see them as an opportunity for the unfolding of your greater potential.  The dynamic, cheerful and generous energy of the zodiacal sign Leo can help you engage with others from a heart centred approach. Joy comes from engaging with others and surrounding yourself with those you love the most. Solving problems and issues comes with the help of the others.

Working Magically to ‘Purpose Good’ in Your World

You can work magically to bring the celestial powers of Jupiter, Leo and 11th Mansion of Life into your world by conducting the Eighth Ray Flower of Venus Ritual daily or whenever you wish.
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Use the following Porta Alchémica® alchemical formulations: Jupiter Planetary Elixir and Anointing Oil, Leo Zodiacal Elixir and Anointing Oil and 11th Mansion of Life Elixir

The World – Soul

Understanding the Bigger Picture

Communicating From a Place of Heart

Mercury the planet of communication and mind in the 12th mansion of life encourages a larger scope of vision. Humanity has the opportunity to enable breadth and depth of thought to develop and there is a strong urge to reach out and communicate to people on matters of inner realities and of a more metaphysical or spiritual nature. At the same time powerful Scorpio energies are being deeply stirred in the collective unconscious. Placed in the 12th mansion, emotional pressure is building with the seesaw action of seeking to satisfy desires and trying to suppress them at the same time. Scorpio is the sign that reveals humanities shadows as well as everything we want to bury and hide along the way. Placed in such a secretive house, there is a strong urge to conceal and to continue to sweep things under the carpet. This can lead to odd circumstances and people having a tendency to be very reactive and explosive. Transformation is taking place, however painfully and the key is to communicate from a place of heart, shifting from communicating the desires of the lower self to communicating that of the higher mind and divine mind.

Working Magically to ‘Purpose Good’ in the World

You can work magically to bring the celestial powers of MercuryScorpio and 12th Mansion of Life into the world by conducting the Eighth Ray Flower of Venus Ritual daily or whenever you wish. 
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Use the following Porta Alchémica® alchemical formulations: Mercury Planetary Elixir and Anointing OilScorpio Zodiacal Elixir and Anointing Oil and 12th Mansion of Life Elixir

The Greater Universe – Spirit

Playing Your Part

The Power of Living in the Present

The flow of life energy begins to move when you do things from your soul. Lighten your load and celebrate the power of living in the present. This week is an opportunity to embrace the joy and realisation that you are spirit on a physical journey and your soul is here to experience this time to evolve and grow in consciousness.

Remember the law of attraction is at play, occurring in the moment and it is up to you to make the most of living in this moment. Are you playing a game of hide and seek with the present? True joy comes from opening the eyes of the soul and living fully in the present moment. Break free from the habit in consciousness of judging the world or dwelling on insurmountable problems and move to a place of relatedness where you can enjoy the learnings on a moment by moment basis. Set your heart on your vision as you set out to ride the tides of power this week. Give out what you wish to receive as each day is a chance to see the world anew through the eyes of the soul. This is not a time to dwell on the regrets or sorrows of the past.

It was Rumi the great Sufi poet who wrote: “sorrow prepares you for joy. It violently sweeps everything out of your house, so that new joy can find space to enter. It shakes the yellow leaves from the bough of your heart, so that fresh, green leaves can grow in their place. It pulls up the rotten roots, so that new roots hidden beneath have room to grow. Whatever sorrow shakes from your heart, far better things will take their place.”

Working Magically to ‘Purpose Good’ in the Greater Universe

You can work magically to create and hold the perfectly poised space, union and relationship between the opposing forces by conducting the Eighth Ray Isis-Urania Ritual. By conducting this Eighth Ray ritual daily or as often you as feel called you are magically working to affirm, deepen and strengthen your relationship with the magical self and to tap into the well of creation, the well of all possibility and infinite potentiality.
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