Weekly Celestial Oracle 10 – 16 August 2020 – Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

Celestial Oracle

“With freedom of spirit your heart is content
Remain in harmony with the flow of events.

Sing your soul song and give out what you wish for
Share fulfillment with others and let yourself soar.

With sight fixed on strife you will seek to condemn
Look for solutions don’t dwell on the problem.

Fellowship with others is where harmony is found
And the abundance of gifts from the universe abound.”

Your World – Personality

Aligning With the Tides of Power

Intimacy in Relationships

The influence of the planet Pluto in the 4th mansion of life in your personal world this week can bring to the surface and expose deeper feelings and insecurities around the home and family. This week the zodiacal sign of Taurus highlights aspects in consciousness that express as uncontrolled appetites and the need to control outcomes to satisfy personal desires. It is a great opportunity to fearlessly face what usually lies hidden in the deep recesses of your unconscious mind and clear out old unwanted debris and untransmuted desires.

Do you feel afraid of letting things go? Do you try to manipulate your circumstances so you can get what you want? Letting go of attachments enables you to experience connection with your own soul and spirit, enabling you to connect deeply with another and enjoy intimacy in your relationships.

Working Magically to ‘Purpose Good’ in Your World

You can work magically to bring the celestial powers of PlutoTaurus and 4th Mansion of Life into your world by conducting the Eighth Ray Flower of Venus Ritual daily or whenever you wish.
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The World – Soul

Understanding the Bigger Picture

Becoming More Than Was Ever Possible Before

In the humanities chart, the planet Neptune and the zodiacal sign of Pisces have paired up to illuminate the emotions of the collective. This influence can bring up feelings of sorrow, grief and unhappiness triggered by a perceived lack of control over the external circumstances, in particular in the area of finances and possessions. To the personality self, the world situation and the resulting personal challenges can appear very daunting; to the soul self they present a phenomenal opportunity for growth. A chance to sail into uncharted waters to become more than was ever possible before.

The 2nd mansion of life is the domain of inner resources and inner talents and gifts. It comes under the auspices of Asmodel, the angel of material stability. Humanity is being shown on a global as well as individual level that greater stability is possible through the wise use of resources and that joy and happiness do not come from external possessions, but from within and the application of one’s natural talents and gifts.

Working Magically to ‘Purpose Good’ in the World

You can work magically to bring the celestial powers of NeptunePisces and 2nd Mansion of Life into the world by conducting the Eighth Ray Flower of Venus Ritual daily or whenever you wish. 
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Use the following Porta Alchémica® alchemical formulations: Neptune Planetary Elixir and Anointing OilPisces Zodiacal Elixir and Anointing Oil and 2nd Mansion of Life Elixir

The Greater Universe – Spirit

Playing Your Part

Tap into The Law of Attraction

The simple pleasures of life can be just the things that remind you of the joy that comes from experiencing the magic of living in two worlds at the same time – the physical and the metaphysical.

Unplanned and spontaneous carefree play and expression can lift you out of stuck mind-sets and the dull and ordinary. Creative expression can bring harmony and balance into the life. With this week’s cosmic tides of power you can link more easily into the energy of free spiritedness and enjoy an uplifting sense of hope and fulfilment. It is the perfect time and opportunity to tap into the law of attraction, the universal law of creation, which is the power of our divine self in its purest and original expressive state. Share this sense of joy and goodwill with others and take this time to enjoy your connection with other kindred souls and the company of others wholeheartedly.

Motivation and a renewed sense of hope is to be found this week and this will help fulfill your deeper wishes and bring any unfinished tasks to successful conclusion. Give out what you wish to receive knowing that it will return to you in greater measure and abundance.

Working Magically to ‘Purpose Good’ in the Greater Universe

You can work magically to create and hold the perfectly poised space, union and relationship between the opposing forces by conducting the Eighth Ray Isis-Urania Ritual. By conducting this Eighth Ray ritual daily or as often you as feel called you are magically working to affirm, deepen and strengthen your relationship with the magical self and to tap into the well of creation, the well of all possibility and infinite potentiality.
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