Weekly Celestial Oracle 31 August – 6 September 2020 – Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

Celestial Oracle

“A Sun lit journey with fortune full
A heart focused on purpose, guided by higher will.

Knowing where you are, honouring what has been
Confident in where you are going to a future foreseen.

A naïve mind will be led wherever the wind is blowing
Be sure of your goals, know in your heart where you’re going.

Soul and spirit in inner agreement
Dance on the road towards success and achievement.”

Your World – Personality

Aligning With the Tides of Power

A Quest for Meaning and Purpose

The 9th mansion of life, the domain of life associated with a quest for meaning and purpose features strongly in the cosmic picture in your world this week. The 9th mansion of life is a place where growth occurs through the experience of you and your relationship to knowledge, truth and spiritual consciousness. The challenge is to be in perfect relationship or alignment with this aspect of your life as you continue to engage with your day-to-day physical reality while also striving for big dreams and higher purpose. The zodiacal sign Gemini brings the energies of adaptability and flexibility this week enabling a more fluid approach to life. It is an opportunity to create a soul-based relationship with life by uniting the physical and the metaphysical realities with the help of the planetary influence of the Sun. This creates multi-faceted richness and enables a new level of creativity and self-expression.

Working Magically to ‘Purpose Good’ in Your World

You can work magically to bring the celestial powers of SunGemini and 9th Mansion of Life into your world by conducting the Eighth Ray Flower of Venus Ritual daily or whenever you wish.
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The World – Soul

Understanding the Bigger Picture

Integration and Wholeness

Chiron, the planet of inner healing and integration makes its energies felt in the world chart this week. This planet which forms a bridge between the seven ancient planets and the transpersonal planets is the key to humanities capacity to come to greater levels of integration and wholeness. Some contradictory factors are involved on the world stage this week, the zodiacal sign Libra which embodies the archetype ‘The Socialite’ can lead to a tendency for the collective to get drawn into negativity and conflict leading to a loss of sight of the bigger picture and true values.

The 3rd mansion of life this week reminds humanity that words can heal. Offering another a compassionate ear and heart-centred support, while not getting drawn into personality based drama, will help to not take things personally and realise the strength and healing power of true relating.

Working Magically to ‘Purpose Good’ in the World

You can work magically to bring the celestial powers of ChironLibra and 3rd Mansion of Life into the world by conducting the Eighth Ray Flower of Venus Ritual daily or whenever you wish. 
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Use the following Porta Alchémica® alchemical formulations: Chiron Planetary Elixir and Anointing OilLibra Zodiacal Elixir and Anointing Oil and 3rd Mansion of Life Elixir

The Greater Universe – Spirit

Playing Your Part in the Greater Mystery

Stand Forth Confidently from Your Place of Power

The energies of success and attainment can be felt strongly this week. The cosmic tides of power bring the opportunity to look at each day this week as the chance to shine your light and move forward along your unique path of soul growth and fulfilment of purpose. There is a high degree of optimism in the air enabling the potential for success in endeavours where heart focus is present.

This week is an invitation for your soul to awaken to the call of your spirit. When you respond to this call you are able to celebrate your life at the very core of your being and in doing so feel the celebration of all of life. Link into this cosmic life affirming energy and surround yourself with those that motivate and guide you toward walking the path of heart.

The truth of your heart will keep you aligned to your higher goals and enable you to move forward swiftly past the distractions of the personal will and be directed by divine will. It is time to make well timed strategic moves, and listening to the truth of your heart will keep you in the flow of positive energies and increase the chances of success. Stand forth confidently from your place of power knowing you have everything within you to achieve your goals. This week is an invitation from Spirit to celebrate life with heart and soul – a passion that burns away the dross of the past and brings optimism for the future.

Working Magically to ‘Purpose Good’ in the Greater Universe

You can work magically to create and hold the perfectly poised space, union and relationship between the opposing forces by conducting the Eighth Ray Isis-Urania Ritual. By conducting this Eighth Ray ritual daily or as often you as feel called you are magically working to affirm, deepen and strengthen your relationship with the magical self and to tap into the well of creation, the well of all possibility and infinite potentiality.
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